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Questions that I frequently get asked are what foundation do you use and how do I make my skin look flawless? So here I am giving you a some steps that will give you the information you need to make your skin look its best. 


- You want to make sure that your skin is in good condition. This means exfoliate if you need to and cleanse your skin. 

- Moisturize and tone according to your skin type and don't Forget your eyes and lips!

Here are some of my current go to prep products...


- Next, PRIME! This is not always necessary but if you have a specific skin concern that you want to address do this with your primer. (ex. pores, oil, radiance, eyeshadow primer)

Here is my favorite eyeshadow base and my go to foundation primer. (TIP: I don't use primer daily, if you don't need it don't use it.)


- You want to make sure that your foundation is the right color and tone for your skin. This is extremely important! (Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for a sample when foundation hunting and always check your foundation in the sun, it never lies)

- Your foundation needs to be the right formula for your skin type (dry, oily, combination, textured ext...)

- Your foundation needs to have the right amount of coverage. To make your skin look its best get a foundation with the least amount of coverage possible.

(TIP: If you have congestion/acne  don't assume you need a full coverage foundation all over. Look at the clear parts of your skin and choose a foundation coverage based on that. Your skin will look its best if you do this then go in and do spot concealing with a full coverage concealer on the congested areas.)

- When choosing a concealer for your under eyes keep the same things in mind and choose a color that will help neutralize and brighten darkness. 

- Make sure that concealers for the face match perfectly and aren't going to highlight any congestion.

- Make sure you set the needed areas with powder so that your face stays in place. Also, keep in mind that your powder is going to add coverage!

My current go to foundation, concealer, and powder...

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - 3

MAC Prep + Prime - Radiant Rose

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - Light 2 Vanilla

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - Ethereal Light 

Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Foundation Powder - Shell


There are many different tools available and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, so here is a breakdown of what I find to be the most common...

- Don't forget about one of the greatest and free tools available...Your fingers! Using your fingers will really warm up the product and help it mimic skin. (TIP: try tapping in your foundation! This will work the product into the skin and allow it to be absorbed for a more natural look)

- A trusty sponge...I recommend the original beauty blender. Get it damp and it will blend your foundation perfectly. 

- Flat round tip foundation brushes are good for any foundation and skin type. You can use a combination of gliding and tapping techniques with this brush.

- Synthetic Kabuki brushes are perfect for tapping and buffing in any coverage foundation. But, be careful not to get out of control and use too much product. (TIP: If you have dry, flaky, or very sensitive skin I would stay from brushes like this to avoid further irritation from buffing motions)

- Duo Fiber brushes are a little more lightweight than kabuki brushes and are good for buffing in your foundation. They will give you a flawless, airbrushed finish. Be careful not to get too much foundation worked into the brush because the natural hairs will absorb your product. (TIP: Large duo fiber brushes like MAC's #187 are my favorite to use with mineral powder foundation)

At Last! Finish off your look with your favorite hydrating or setting mist. My 2 favorites are MAC Fix + and Urban Decay All Nighter. What is yours?

Have fun perfecting your skin and always BeTRENDSPIRED!


Ariana Rose

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