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Brow Tutorial

If you feel like listening to me talk about brows, watch my latest video! I discuss and show how I fill in my brows currently and give you some tips on how you can get the perfect brow!


Quick Tip:

If you are having trouble figuring out where to start filling in your brows and what shape you should have go grab a brush or pencil and it will tell you how!

1. Hold the pencil vertical at the side of your nose and where it lands is where your brow should start.

2. Angle the pencil so that it starts at the side of your nose and goes through the center of your iris. This my friend is where your brow should arch.

3. Now, angle the pencil so it goes through the outer corner of your eye, and this is where your brow should end.

Play around with different products to see which one gives you the effect you like. If you have any question leave a comment below. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see my videos first!


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