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KKW | Kylie Cosmetics x Kim KW Review

KKW | Kylie Cosmetics x Kim KW Review

There is always so much hype around Kylie Cosmetics new products so, you can only imagine what happened when she collaborated with her sister Kim Kardashian West. Well, Is it worth the hype? I would have say that for me it was not but, I will continue to use them. So, I guess that says something for the product. If you are a makeup collector and love gorgeous packaging then go for it! (If you can get your hands on it)

Keep reading to see my breakdown of the product...

Colors (Left to Right)...

Kimmie : warm deep peach nude

Kimmie is the darkest shade and is just as described. On me it is not a nude shade but is still very pretty and would be a great nude for deeper skintones.

Kim : Peachy Nude 

This shade comes across as a pinkish peach. Closer to peach than pink but still pinkish.

KiKi : Pink "Nude"

I put "nude" with quotations around it because on me it is pretty pink, not sure I would classify it as nude on my skintone.

Kimberly : Warm toned Light beige nude

I have pretty fair skin and this nude feels slightly too light and makes me look pretty drab. If I pair it with a slightly darker lip liner it looks pretty!

All of the colors are very pretty and like all lipsticks they are going to look different on every skintone. These shades are great nudes for people with medium toned skin (like Kim KW). I have worn all the shades and would again but for my skintone there isn't a "perfect nude" for me which I was hoping for so, that left me slightly dissapointed.




I was worried that they would have the same scent as the rest of the Kylie lip products but, they do not! I was happy about this since the original scent smells cheap, artificial and way too strong. The KKW Creme liquid lipsticks have no scent but still have a slight chemically smell. I am not a fan of the "non scent" but I am also not mad at it.


The texture is very smooth and light. I definitely would not describe them as creamy. They are not full coverage which I thought I would like but, it is quite odd. It applies and feels like a watered down liquid lipstick. You can't apply only a little and blend it in because it has a smidge too much coverage and you can't wear a lot of it alone because it is left looking see-through and slightly streaky.
The best way to wear these creme liquid lipsticks is with a lipliner  to create some structure then add a little through the center of your lip blended in.


The Creme liquid lipsticks don't wear as long as a standard liquid lip but wear longer than a gloss. They float somewhere in between. I found that they tend to get that infamous line on the inside of your lips, like with most nude lips when you wear it for a long time. This formula is something you will have to touch up throughout the day which I feel you should expect to do this with any lipstick you wear.


The one thing about this Collab that gets an A from me is the packaging. It is sleek, simple, and flirtatious. I would only change the lip applicator. It is slightly too firm. You aren't able to get enough product on the applicator and its goes on quite streaky.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!


Ariana Rose


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